Working Together: Energy Policy

Working Together:

I am interested in helping people have productive dialogues where we can talk about the part of issues we can agree on.

Once you have established you agree with someone on a core issue, then branching off to topics you don’t agree on is safer.

This time on Working Together: Energy Policy

In short, conservatives start with “american independence” and “america first” rhetoric. Making america energy independent, of oil dictators, needs strong energy research and innovation. Some people already working this angle.

More on Debbie Dooley

You are already familiar with her and the Tea Party’s work on this in Florida. They were the group behind the “good” solar power initiative. This tea party group in florida was fighting for solar energy and fighting against the big energy companies.

Conservatives and Liberals can work together.

Articles to Write

  • Informed Age of Consent – risk and danger vs the age’s at which one can do it or decide to do it legally “semantics, principles, model”
  • Crime and punishment vs R&R – that is recidivism and restitution.  How should a well-functioning society treat this?  A model that says violent crime is always a mental issue, and if that is true, what should be happening with prisons?  If the goal is reducing recidivism, what are the perverse incentives in private prisons? “model, principles”
  • Who really owns your house – what is the difference between renting and property taxes?  what is the difference between modifying your house when renting vs against regulations?

Working Together ideas

  • Energy Progress
    • Debbie Dooley and
    • Conservative case for Carbon Dividends
  • Universal Health Care
    • Avik Roy and
  • Prison and Justice Reform
    • LEAP –
    • Right on Crime
    • larger list –
    • Senators Mike Lee and Cory Booker  “Smart on Crime” vs “tough on crime” –
  • Drug Reform
    • Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
    • The Christian Case for Drug Law Reform –
  • Police Forces
    • Law Enforcement Action Partnership
      • Principles –
      • Policies –