Why the religious should support liberty

America had as many of it’s founders and early settlers those who were fleeing religious persecution.  That in their home country, a state religion or government controlled by one religion was persecuting all others.

The American founding fathers belonged to many different religions.  Lumping many of them together as Christian was something that really started in the mid 20th century.

Our founders had one of two options.  Either,

  1. Try to setup one religion and risk the mistakes of the countries they fled.
  2. Setup a government that had to respect each person’s religious views

Especially with the spread of Martin Luther’s work, which says that each person is responsible for their connection to god.  This means that there are as many versions of Christianity as there are Christians.

So which one should win?  Which version of Christianity should win?

The Founders ended up on the side that none of the Christian versions should win over another.  And the only way they could see to do that was to write the Constitution to not allow ANY religion to win.  Some see this as the argument for “separation of church and state”.

Because if ANY religion got its way in the government rules then it was virtually guaranteed that some other religions would be losing.  America was meant to be a land of freedom for all.  And that included freedom for all religions.  Which meant no one could force their religion on anyone else.

No matter how religious you are, would you really want another Christian telling you that were doing it wrong and force their rules on you?

Within the United States, we have so many different version of Christianity.

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